Devilishly Cunning Climate

Ah, yes.  It makes so much sense that this whole man-made mess of global warming would prove to be counter-intuitive.  When we think of global warming we might be tempted to think of the globe “warming” in the sense of temperature.  We must resist this temptation, and the idea that the facts about the climate should inform our theory of the fundamental cause of climate change.

So when we see the first October snowfall in London proper since 1922, we shouldn’t get too excited.  Global warming is here to stay.  If you feel your faith shaken every time that you see a news headline detailing an “inconvenient truth” such as record cold temperatures, you can just go back to the Global Warming Prayer Book and repeat after me:

Our Mother, who art the Planet,

Hallowed be thy name.

Thy warming* (or cooling, as the case may be) come, thy will be done

To advance our EPA.

Give us this day the masses’ brains,

And help us twist facts,

So we can prey upon others.

And lead us not near Inhofe,

But deliver us from truth;

For ours will be the kingdom, and the power, and the authority

To do whatever the hell we want in the name of “science.”



Gut Feeling

I have a very close friend from my days in graduate school that keeps in touch on a semi-monthly basis.  Will is a smart guy, and he’s funny as mess.

We don’t see eye-to-eye on politics, and sometimes I hate even talking about politics with him because it seems that nothing is settled or agreed on at the end of the argument.  I have a habit of going with my gut on issues, and Will has a habit of asking me to “give me one example of X ever happening!”  Sometimes I give him an example and he shuts up.  Other times, he just clarifies: “just for the record…you said ‘I believe this’ even though you don’t have any data to back it up…”

And that’s where I am today.  I don’t have all kinds of examples of how Democrats are Imperialists (his charge against Republicans) and certainly don’t think that the Republicans are a party of squeaky-clean, morally upright politicians.  I think that both parties are cheese eating surrender monkeys, who kowtow to corporations and corrupt individuals at every turn.

But my gut, my limited experience with the human condition, tells me that the Republican party is not as far gone as the Democrat party.  I think they’re on the same road, and with their foot on the pedal, going like gangbusters in the same direction, but they’re not there yet.

Give them 20 years.

In the meantime, I can’t cite paper-trails and history lessons, but I can cite Obama’s failure to reform Illinois State politics when he had the chance. I can cite his connections with crazy loons bent on the destruction of the US. I can cite his slick double-speak as he sounds like an auctioneer at a bizarre reverse auction: “tax cuts for those making $250K and below, do I hear tax cuts for $200K and below, we have tax cuts for those making under $200K per year” (Biden chimes in: “tax cuts for those under $150K)….

I’m no fanboy of the Republicans.  But with the Democrat base galvanized by the advent of the Messiah, I can’t vote third party, and I can’t give you all the reasons right now.  Now’s not the time to vacillate.

I’m going with my gut.

Get It Off Your Chest – And then Get to Work!

I’ve not written in a while, as is clear from the date-gap in my posts here.  The daily parade of politicians in front of the news-room cameras and radio mics reveal a disgustingly partisan, hopelessly out-of-touch, and deliberately deceitful group of insiders who will say and do anything to stay in power.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about the left, the right, or the upside down, the double-speak, flip-flopping and pandering is enough to make you pull your hair out.  What in the world are LiberPhiles supposed to do to 1) keep their sanity and 2) make this a better place to live?

I’ve not written because I’ve been frustrated.  Frustrated as mess.  The same things that frustrate you and drive you up one wall and down the other frustrate me and countless other Americans.  We’re tired of the endless lies, and the endless spending.  We’re tired of failing schools, failing government policies, and failing bureaucracy.

When was the last time that you looked at the news (no, that cable news network isn’t really news, get real and find an alternative source) and thought: “Damn! They’ve actually done something right this time!”

I can’t remember the last time it happened for me, and frankly, I’m not really expecting it anytime soon.

But I’ve decided that I’m not going to go out of my mind watching liberty spiral into the abyss of dependency.  And you don’t have to either.  This election is not all that it’s cracked up to be.  The next P.O.T.U.S isn’t going to save the world or destroy it either.  The top-down commands that come from the White House are obviously a big deal – but they’re not all that’s going on.

You and I have to reform from the ground up, below the grass roots, in the soil!  Start in your community and your local government.  Talk to people, and find the patriots and liberty-lovers.  Start looking for ways to advance the cause of liberty and personal responsibility.  Run for local office on a platform of real substance and real values – not a platform of empty promises and painted-on morals.

Alexis de Tocqueville said “America is great because she is good.  If America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”

America needs good men in power now, more than ever.

More Basic Rights

So I’m posting some pics of the sweet new addition to the family: my Springfield Armory XD Subcompact 9mm.

I picked up the accessory pack from Springfield that has the extra mags, and I picked up an extra hi-cap mag on the side as well, so now I’ve standard cap and hi-cap mags for several locations around the house and truck.

This thing shoots like a dream. I ran a couple hundred rounds through it at the range recently, and was amazed at the way it fits my hand like a glove. Shot groups were just how I want them (very close together, but I didn’t measure them) and the recoil was minimal, so that double-taps were a breeze.

I’m in love.

New Baby in the Family

Exercising Basic Human Rights

Some will say that what I’m referring to would be better described as “Second Amendment Rights.” Those folks would be right if they mean that it’s more popular to refer to firearm ownership as a second amendment right. But the right to keep and bear arms is not something that we do merely because we were “told we could” by the government.

I’m proud of the fact that long ago, some straight-thinking and rational individuals wrote the second amendment into the concrete of a newly-formed foundation. But there’s something more to this. You and I don’t protect ourselves because the government allows us to. This type of self-preservation has much more to do with the right to life. No, I don’t mean abortion as opposed to anti-abortion. I mean your right to live and to keep living.

Who gives you that right? Can a government give or take away the right to keep yourself safe, or to keep your family from harm? I would venture to say that any rational human would think that it is beyond the scope of any good government to take away that right. The fact that it is not something that the government can take away indicates that the government has no power to give it, either.

An example, you ask? Let’s say you have a really nice car. I don’t have any right to it. I can’t take it away, because you own it free and clear. It’s your own property. What if I came to you and said that I was going to give you your car, out of the kindness of my magnanimous heart? You’d say I was an idiot. I can’t give to you what you already own. Because you own it, I can’t take it away, and I can’t give it to you either.

What the 2nd Amendment does, however, is to put out in the open that our government will not try to take away the basic right to bear arms (to preserve and protect ourselves and our families – or our country). To take my analogy further, this would be like me sending you a letter saying, “I’ll never try to take your car because I realize that it’s yours, and not mine.”

The second amendment is just an acknowledgment of a fundamental and basic principle that humans can and must protect themselves from each other.

My point is this: When people say “our constitution gives us the right to bear arms,” they are either speaking loosely, or incorrectly. The constitution does not give us that right. It affirms the pre-existing, fundamental human right to self-preservation.

In the same way, the Declaration of Independence says, ” We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Folks, the government can’t give you the right to keep and bear arms because it’s yours already. It’s all tied up in the rights involved with “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

I love the second amendment. No question here. But it’s a right that is mine already, not because of the second amendment. The words of the second amendment are great to hear, and something to go back to when despots try to take control of things they don’t have a right to (“Hey! You said you’d leave my car alone, remember?”). But it’s not the way that I lay claim to my car. The reason that you can’t take my car is not that you said you wouldn’t, but because it’s mine.

Entitlement and New Orleans

Here’s the result of too much government support.  This is really sad.  Though we’ve lived for years in a nation that could be termed a “welfare state” we’ve not seen all the effects of it.  This is because so much of the idea of entitlement has been roiling under the surface.

Time will tell, and we’ll see more riots, more mobs, and more insane stupidity demanding to be fed and diapered.

The US needs to wake up.  Our government never made America great.  It was never the things that the government provided that made the US such a promising place to come to.  It was the opportunity to advance, unfettered by the government, and to carve out a place as individuals.

Stop looking to the government to do what you need to get off your butt to do.

And Where are Your Kids?

A 10 year old girl brings her lunch to school and packs a steak knife for her steak.  Your friendly, never-too-careful, always-doing-the-smart-thing government school did what it does best: applies idiocy to a situation calling for common sense and dials 911.  The sheriff arrives, and takes the girl into custody for “assessment” since they couldn’t get the girl’s parents on the phone.  Story here.

This is just one more in a long line of news bits that indicate the truth about government run education facilities: the people in charge of government schools are ninnies.  When you can’t distinguish between a real threat (look! Johnny has a gun in class!) and a not-so-real threat (oh. she’s cutting her steak with her steak knife) you’re not qualified to teach people to think.

Oh, but wait.  Since when was the goal of government educators to teach people to think?  I forgot.  The aim has never been to teach people to think on their own, and to come to conclusions based on reasoning and facts.  The goal is to teach you what to think.

If your kids are in government schools, get them out or kiss their brains goodbye.  They will be indoctrinated.  If you think that the government is teaching your kids to think on their own so that they can be independent, intelligent people, you’re living in a dream-world.

It’s that simple.